I have invented a new game

This game is easy to play and costs nothing – well you need an internet connection. Go to the BBC news site and pick a story that has comments on it. The only story you are not allowed to pick is one that is about Brexit, any other story is fine. Now read through the […]

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Roof Boy

One of the great things about our recent holiday on a canal boat was how much the youngest step son enjoyed it. I’m not going to mention the older one for the sake of my blood pressure. His main job was to help me moor and cast off while his mother and brother did the […]

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Plans for the Summer

Last year at the end of the summer holiday I wrote a post worrying I had wasted my time. I know I’m lucky getting six weeks off, something I get great pleasure from reminding my friends of, but I do worry that I waste it. This year I decide to write out what I hope […]

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Swimming and writing

Anyone who has looked at my picture will see I’m a bit overweight, ok I’m fat! I have been trying to cut down on my food intake but I’ve also started swimming twice a week to burn off those fat cells. Swimming is one of the few exercises I enjoy, I can do it with […]

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A strange new hobby

I have developed a strange new hobby, one up to now I have been keeping secrete. It all started when I went to Harry Potter World, when I was busy spending a small fortune in the gift shop my wife found this for me. When we got home I did a few for fun then […]

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