Facebook bullying

I ‘m rapidly going off facebook! I don’t mind people posting things I disagree with. I don’t mind the ones who post every detail of their life (my sister), after all it’s good to know she had had to pop out to Tesco’s again as they have run out of milk. I don’t mind it […]

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Setting Myself Goals

In this results driven world we are supposed to have them. In work I have, I think it’s now called performance management, but it changes its name quite regularly. I did write a bit about work goals but decided sometimes it’s best to stay quiet! We are supposed to have personal ones as well, I’m […]

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Leaky boilers and computers

I’ve been having a hard month, well hard is probably a bit over dramatic but it has been problem after problem. We had the central healing packing in and leak all over the neighbour’s kitchen, ending up costing me the best part of £2k to get it working and repair the damage. A few trips […]

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