Problems with names again

I have a friend who was an author, he traditionally published two books, pre- kindle then gave up, which is a great shame because they were great books. A while ago he was castigating me about my choice of names for my books. I do find thinking of names for my book hard. I started […]

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Not enough time to read

I have recently realised I am not reading enough. Normally I read loads of books a year. I had started my usual annual re-read of the Harry Potter Books at the start of the summer and by now I would be finished however I am on book six. I would love to say it’s because […]

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A Chapter From My Book

A chapter from part two, or book two depending on what I eventually decided. I don’t think it contains any spoilers so it’s safe to share. It’s the meeting of the assassin’s guild. Now don’t think it’s like Terry Prattect’s assassin’s guild from Ankh Morpork more like On The Buses, (a sit com from the […]

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Scarred of my writing group.

I’ve been attending a writers group for most of the year. I generally find it very useful. They are very encouraging group and it’s always great to hear different work, most of it better than mine. However, each moth I have a rising sense of terror every time I go, they have been suggesting I […]

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True Wizard, an update.

I’ve not blogged about my book for a while so thought I would treat you all to an update. I know you have all been on tender hooks worrying about what’s happening. Well at least that’s what I like to pretend. I have sent part one off for a second opinion, I know it’s not […]

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How can it be Christmas again?

I don’t understand how Christmas can only be a few weeks away. There must be some mistake it can’t possibly be that time again. I demand a recount, somebody has messed up the calendar. I’m sure once it’s looked at by experts it will be discovered it is in fact still October. Until the official […]

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