Advise from an unpublished Author – Writing by hand

Now there is a bit of irony here as I was thinking about this before I put my right hand out of action. I don’t know where I about read the idea, it’s not mine so I apologise for not crediting it.

There is a great deal to be said for writing your first draft by hand. For a start it’s a bit more writer like than bashing away at a keyboard but it has practical benefits as well. If you are like me and find it hard not to edit as you type it makes much harder on paper and forces you to keep going and get those ideas on paper.

Another benefit which I discovered when I wrote a few chapters by hand while on holiday last year. Is that when you come to type it up you start editing as you go. So, when you have it electronic form it’s already been edited once.

I’m off on holiday again in a few days. I was planning to start writing book three by hand (I know I should finish book 1 first.) Instead, I’ll probably take a paper copy of the book instead and edit by hand as writing with my left hand is painfully slow.

Anyone else tried writing the old-fashioned way? How did you find it?


9 thoughts on “Advise from an unpublished Author – Writing by hand

  1. I much prefer writing by hand and agree that the first edit can then happen when you transfer it to computer. My flow is better when I write by hand – I find the computer too distracting, with the internet and social media a click of the mouse away!

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  2. I write everything by hand first. I have a really hard to time concentrating and keeping my thoughts in order when typing. I hand write the first draft then type it up, which gives me a chance to edit as I go.

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