I’m a special needs teacher living and working in Devon in the U.K. Apart from writing I enjoy reading, Chess, sailing and playing strategy games. I keep very quiet about it but I’m also a Harry Potter fan.

I’m married with two step sons and a grown up foster son.

A True Wizard is my first attempt at writing a book. I’ve always enjoyed fantasy fiction and had lots of my own ideas for a story. Being dyslexic I’ve always been reluctant to have a go writing any of these down until an author friend of mine encouraged me to do so. After hitting 30k words I started believing I might actually finish the book so I started this blog just in case I ever publish it. I have now finished the first draft all 90k words of it!

I have got the blog bug and I want to write about other things not just my book! I’m working on the theory the more I write the better I will get at it. Of course there is a flaw in my thinking otherwise the late Barbara Cartland would be the greatest writer ever. Despite this, welcome to my blog, please leave a comment.

Thanks for reading.


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      1. My Life Story! The diversity, passions, hungers, and desires of growing up part African, Cherokee, and Irish American! Struggles and Excitements! Understanding the complexities of being a triune personality: loves and dislikes, wants and desires, and pains and sorrows! Ah, me so complicated! lol smile

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  1. Hi Eric! Well, I had no choice but to follow your blog…. you are from the UK (same), you are a writer (same) and… you are a special needs teacher – I am parent to a special needs child. So, it was kind of destined! Great to meet you and congratulations on your 100 followers! I recently started a new blog (I used to blog under my pen name) so I am slowly building up my following. Every milestone, no matter how big or small, is an achievement. I am looking forward to following your ongoing journey. 🙂

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  2. Hey you’ve got a wonderful blog, Good luck with the book ! I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome just like your blog 🙂
    I really enjoyed my visit here. Will come around for more. I hope to see you more often from now.
    Have a good week ahead,
    Zee ❤

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  3. Hi Eric – Thanks for dropping by and leaving a couple of comments – it’s what keeps us all alive out here. I too, am a special needs teacher at the secondary level – such a privilege – although, currently, I am on disability. Devon is one of the places on my bucket list, having travelled most of the rest of the UK, I have not ventured there yet. My husband and I were scheduled to visit three years ago, when illness struck – oh well, another time. Maybe for now I will just facetiously live it through you.
    Oh, and Eric – I’ve found that the compulsion to edit, edit, then edit again can be a hindrance to writing (I too am writing a novel, and am stuck on the first part for this reason). Reading your blog, I know realize that I may have to let this go if I am to move forward. Thanks for the insight, lol.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Editing is tricky too much and you lose your love for writing but not enough and it ends up less than it could be. I am not working to a deadline so I’m trying to write the best book I can. Having said that I wish I could get to the end of the re-writes and start part 2!

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  4. Thanks for coming in to see me at Steve Says…come again, stay a while – have a drink even! Happy blogging and don’t forget to follow my music blog talkaboutpopmusic.net. Cheers, Steve…


  5. Hi Eric!

    I’ve been follow you for quite some time now and I’m trying to take tips from your blogging by blogging more myself. I just wrote a post yesterday and I’m wondering if you’d like to check it out and give me some tips?

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    1. You have inspired me for a new blog post. Before that I’ll give some quick tips but I don’t claim to be an expert.
      1. write for yourself don’t just produce content you think others will like.
      2. Mix it up a bit, if you are comfortable to do so ocassionaly write about your life as well as writing. You followers will be interested with you as a person.
      3. Use tags and hashtags, once I worked this out I got more followers.
      4. Engage with other bloggers, like you are now.
      5. Post regularly, I post three times a week. Saturday, Monday and Wednesday. Don’t let in run your life thou, do what works for you.
      6. Carry on. I had a quick look at your blog, wil have a proper look when I have more time, but look very good to me. It has content I would read, I should say will read. It takes time to build up a following, but it will come.

      Hope that helps, I will re-blog something of yours soon that might get you a few more followers.


      1. Hey Eric,

        You are a super star. I was not expecting this much great advice! I’m taking it all to heart and definitely going to try to implement some of it (I don’t have the time currently to write 3X a week). Thanks so much, perhaps we can carry on the conversation through email? terrystories [at] gmail.com 🙂

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  6. HI Eric, I was just wondering if we will be seeing you at the Bloggers Bash in London on June 11th? Would be great to meet you! If you are coming can you send us an email to annualbloggersbash(at)yahoo(dot)com by Wed 18th May. Thanks! Hope to see you there, Ali

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    1. I was hoping to but we have had to many disasters costing money so I can’t really justify spending £200 on a night out. I hope to make it next year. I hope you have a great night with it.


      1. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. Well I’m sure the BB will be back next year. Hopefully see you then. 😊


  7. Hello Eric! I have been reading so much from your blog lately and now that I got to know you are a special needs teacher, I look forward to the book you are trying to write since i am sure you would include your lovely experiences with your students in it too.
    But before that I took the liberty of tagging you in the three day, three quote, three tagged challenge here: https://dementiasdiariesdd.wordpress.com/2018/05/02/three-days-three-quotes-three-tagged-challenge-3d3q3t-day-3/

    I hope you would go the extra mile and participate with full enthusiasm 🙂

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    1. Hi, I will pop over and take a look at the 3 day quote thing, might have to wait to the weekend thou.

      My book is a fiction and I wouldn’t be allowed to write directly about my students it would be a breach of their privacy and I would probably be banned from teaching. Having said that I’m sure all my experiences feed in to my writing or at least I hope they do. I do use personality traits, names and sometimes physical features of people I know so my student will be mixed in there somewhere.

      It’s really lovely when someone shows an interest in my book, thank you so much it’s very encouraging.

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      1. I understand the confidentiality that is required of your profession Eric.
        “I do use personality traits, names and sometimes physical features of people I know so my student will be mixed in there somewhere.” – This is precisely what I look forward to reading because art lies not in imitating life but recreating it 🙂

        My best wishes for your book – now and always

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