My brain hurts

What I need is few ideas to complete my first book, some ideas for the second and third would be helpful too. What I don’t need is ideas for new books. In the past few weeks I’ve had ideas for another two books not contacted to my original series, thanks brain! Now you might think […]

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How can it be Christmas again?

I don’t understand how Christmas can only be a few weeks away. There must be some mistake it can’t possibly be that time again. I demand a recount, somebody has messed up the calendar. I’m sure once it’s looked at by experts it will be discovered it is in fact still October. Until the official […]

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Homework Hell

Some of you may know I’m a teacher, but I never blog about work so I’m writing this as a parent. I was always hopeless at it, leaving homework to the last night and in some cases the morning before it was due. Despite this I managed to get by in school. My foster son […]

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Failing at life

Don’t worry this isn’t one of my self-indulgent pity pieces. This is an idea I have been reading and thinking about for quite some time. As a child of the eighties I was indoctrinated by the need to succeed, you must be successful. You must own your own home, reach the top of your profession, […]

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