My brain hurts

What I need is few ideas to complete my first book, some ideas for the second and third would be helpful too. What I don’t need is ideas for new books. In the past few weeks I’ve had ideas for another two books not contacted to my original series, thanks brain! Now you might think […]

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How can it be Christmas again?

I don’t understand how Christmas can only be a few weeks away. There must be some mistake it can’t possibly be that time again. I demand a recount, somebody has messed up the calendar. I’m sure once it’s looked at by experts it will be discovered it is in fact still October. Until the official […]

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Homework Hell

Some of you may know I’m a teacher, but I never blog about work so I’m writing this as a parent. I was always hopeless at it, leaving homework to the last night and in some cases the morning before it was due. Despite this I managed to get by in school. My foster son […]

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Failing at life

Don’t worry this isn’t one of my self-indulgent pity pieces. This is an idea I have been reading and thinking about for quite some time. As a child of the eighties I was indoctrinated by the need to succeed, you must be successful. You must own your own home, reach the top of your profession, […]

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The world Gone mad

Sorry to disappoint you but his isn’t about Trump or Brexit but please click on the like button before you move on to reading the next post about how the world is ending or how we are entering a new golden age depending on your persuasion. I had to book a ECG for eldest step […]

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The power of words

A while ago I had a heated exchange with someone of Facebook, I know that’s hardly something new. Don’t worry I’m not going to re-hash the whole argument, but basically he was against something he classed as abuse. I felt quiet strongly it wasn’t abuse and by calling it that it lessens the impact of […]

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Dementors are abroad

There are some people who are a joy to be with, hanging out with them makes life a happier place. There are some, whoever, who are the opposite of this. People who just suck the very joy from life. Doesn’t matter how well you are doing they will do their up-most to bring you down. […]

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