Religion the opiate of the people

Before I get into my subject I would like to make it clear I’m talking about state organised religion not peoples personal faith. Although I no longer have one I wouldn’t want to belittle anyone else’s. Before anyone asks why I have focused mainly on Christianity it’s because along with the pagan religions of the […]


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Struggling with dyslexia

I was wary of writing this because I know in the great scheme of things being dyslexic isn’t that bad. I don’t have to take medication, it’s not degenerative and it’s not going to kill me. Well unless I miss read a warning sign or instructions. Having said that it can be a complete pain […]

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The power of words

A while ago I had a heated exchange with someone of Facebook, I know that’s hardly something new. Don’t worry I’m not going to re-hash the whole argument, but basically he was against something he classed as abuse. I felt quiet strongly it wasn’t abuse and by calling it that it lessens the impact of […]

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Dementors are abroad

There are some people who are a joy to be with, hanging out with them makes life a happier place. There are some, whoever, who are the opposite of this. People who just suck the very joy from life. Doesn’t matter how well you are doing they will do their up-most to bring you down. […]

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Feel free to scream

I’m sure like me, you have all been avidly following the latest controversy with Justin Bieber and his UK tour. Just in case you haven’t, he has been asking his audience to stop screaming so he can connect with them. I can’t imagine this a two-way thing so I assume he was planning on talking […]

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The price of loyalty

I have always valued loyalty, in all aspects life and rather naively expect it back. When I don’t get it in return it annoys me. I bank with Halifax and have my household insurance with them. I have done so for the last four years. Despite the fact I have never claimed on any type […]

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Twitter automated messages

I have been trying to get to grips with twitter and use it to promote my blog. Although I have about 700+ followers it’s not proving successful so far in getting traffic across. One thing I’ve noticed since using it more is the plague of automated messages. I fell for them at first, thinking how […]

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