I have my garden back

I used to have a really nice garden, my lodger at the time, Tom helped me lick into shape. Then I got married moved out of the flat and rented it to my foster son. This was a bad move on many levels. One of those mistakes was he didn’t look after the garden, By […]

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Wednesdays surreal writing prompt

O.K it’s not surreal, I wouldn’t have a clue how to carry that off but was hoping it might inspire someone to a bit of alternative writing the prompt is; “The potato is the key” It comes from a conversation I had with my 18-year-old while going in and out of dosing after having a […]


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It’s the drugs talking

Some of you might have noticed my blog has gone quiet. Those of you not friends with me on facebook (If you’re not come over and join me) will not know I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks. I took a tumble down some stairs and before you ask I was sober. I hit my […]

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