It’s the drugs talking

Some of you might have noticed my blog has gone quiet. Those of you not friends with me on facebook (If you’re not come over and join me) will not know I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks. I took a tumble down some stairs and before you ask I was sober. I hit my shoulder and managed to do quiet a bit of damage. It wasn’t my best day but was better than hitting my head.

in hospital
In hospital, looking remarkably like an over weight ,middle aged woman.

I’m going to save all the details for another post. I’m going to mention I’m currently writing this sitting in hospital with my left hand even though I’m right handed – yes you should be impressed. Obviously, I’m now back at home typing what wrote in the hospital in case you are getting confused.

left hand
Writing with my lest hand

Anyway while laid up and off my head on some very strong pain killers I’ve had some story ideas manly springing from drug induced dreams.

I’m going to start a bit of alternative writing prompts just to stretch the imagination and hopefully improve my writing technique.

I’m going to post the first on Wednesday if anyone would like to join in feel free.

19 thoughts on “It’s the drugs talking

  1. Eric, hope you are healing well! Those drug induced ideas could push you into a great Sci-fi story. Just wondering, are men not also overweight and middle-aged? Hmm…🤣🙄😉 Christine


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