Why I Shouldn’t Be an Aspiring Writer

I found this blog a few days ago, the chaps new to blogging but enjoyed his articles so I thought I would give them a wider audience.

Bard & Books

Many people think about writing a book long before they actually start. The major obstacles for me to start my first novel were lack of confidence in both my writing and telling people that I wanted to be an author.  The only reason why I was able to overcome any of these fears is because I began to write instead of dream.

Brandon Sanderson, the #1 New York Times Bestseller of The Stormlight Archive, told me a metaphor about aspiring writers during one of his book signings. He said that writing is similar to playing a sport. When someone decides that they want to play basketball for fun, no one bats an eye. If that same person decided that they wanted to begin writing stories with their free time, the world assumes that they need to be fantastic even though they are only starting. The major authors like…

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