A small bit of chapter nine

I managed to finish chapter 9, I’m currently very pleased with it, when I read it again later I might hate it. It’s an important chapter it gives a lot of plot clues a leads into chapter 10 which should be a turning point in the story. Bellow is  small snippet of it, I can’t explain any of it as it would give too much away. I would be grateful for any comments including criticism.

Ralph walked through the keep ignoring several different people who hailed him. He reached the long gallery when a short balding man ran up to him, blocking his progress.

He grabbed Ralphs forearm ‘My lord at last you are back, things have got bad here, your enemies are poisoning Lord James against you.’ He said all this at a hiss.

Ralph looked furious at being stopped ‘Your job Hugh is to stop these whispering reaching James, what have you being doing all this time?’

Hugh took a small jump back and released Ralphs arm like he had been slapped in the face ‘My lord I have been tirelessly protecting your interests but your enemies are many.’

Ralph spat back at him ‘Then you should have reduced their numbers.’ He walked away from a stunned looking Hugh, Avery continued in his wake.

He reached the end of the gallery two guards armed with polearms guarded a door, Ralph glared at them daring them to challenge him, they hesitated then stood aside. Avery marvelled at the pure power Ralph could generate without casting a spell. Ralph opened the door that lead to a circular stair case, in all his trips to the Potentiae headquarters Avery had never been allowed pass this door with Ralph before. The stairs lead to a large carved door Ralph paused and knocked; he opened the door and walked in.

The room he entered was a large circular bedroom. A very old man was lying in the four poster bed another man was standing over him. Avery tried to perform the trick of every servant through the ages and look like the furniture.

‘Ralph I wasn’t expecting you, have you met Bartholomew he’s my healer or I should say miracle worker.’ His voice was barely a whisper.

Ralph came forward and went down on one knee beside the bed. ‘I’m glad to see you looking so well my lord.’

‘Are you? I thought you all your plans hinge on me dyeing before Tristram.’

‘My Lord my only concern is for your wellbeing who has been feeding you these lies?’

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