My book blurb, again

I have previously struggled to write a decent one, I did try before but it wasn’t very good so the other day I had another go at it as quite few people have been asking me what my still unfinished book is about. I didn’t look at the old one before writing this so hopefully […]

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Help, I can’t decide!

I’ve had a go a re-writing my 1st chapter. I made the mistake of showing the different versions of my opening paragraph to different members of my family now I have lots of conflicting advice. Now I can’t make up my mind. Which one do you prefer? In no particular order; 1. Tybalt peeked out from […]

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Haven’t you finished yet?

I started my blog to document my trials and tribulations writing a book. It’s changed and I seem to post about lots of other things as well. I thought I would take a few minutes and write about how well it’s going if for no other reason than help me reflect on where I am […]

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A True Wizard – Chapter 1

Edit 16/9/16 – Just noticed a few recent views of this old post. I would just like to say have have significantly re-written this chapter several times this version is rubbish! I promised myself if I got over 100 views in one day I would post chapter 1 of my book, unfortunately this happened yesterday […]

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A quill cured my dyslexia

I don’t normally write this sort of thing it’s a tad too personal. Obviously it’s not been cured by using a quill. I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong impression either, being dyslexic is not the end of the world. Although it’s classed as a disability it’s a long way from being the worst. […]

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