It’s the delivery of the message that needs to change not the message.

This is a first for me as I never re-blog religious content being a committed atheist. This is a post from a very old friend of mine who I knew before I saw the dark and was a believer. He still talks to me despite my disturbing lack of faith. I know quiet a few of my regular readers are Christians so thought you might enjoy reading this. I found it very interesting and well written even as a non-believer. So pop over and have a read, you could even throw him a few likes if you are felling inclined.


I receive the Scripture Union prayer diary. One of the days it asked us to pray for Guadians of Ancora and it being translated into Albanian. The prayer request asked us to, ‘Please pray that many children meet Jesus in their own language’. This, of course is a good thing, more children being able to understand the bible in their own language. Also to have it delivered in a medium that was familiar to them, through the use of a platform game.

This is what children and youth workers are doing day in and day out in their places of work. Whether English or Albanian or any other language, workers are bringing the good news of Jesus to those God has given into their care. Over the years we have seen children’s and youth work morph and change through lots of different styles and practices, some you will agree have…

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3 thoughts on “It’s the delivery of the message that needs to change not the message.

  1. I’m also on the fence—religiously speaking. At first, I was prepared to dislike the content because of my bias. Then I was kind of puzzled by what the person was trying to say. I think the beginning section that discusses the subject of praying for Ankora and then switche s to talking about videos of people squeezing lemon juice in their mouths was a bit of a non-sequitur without context. The post began to pick up speed and meaning after that point. (Perhaps it makes sense to people of faith and I’m just an outsider without a clue.) I’d recommend that the post be reworked to clarify the transitions and bring the substance earlier in the title. Most people won’t read the whole thing if it doesn’t resonate right away. But, I hate to be critical of someone who has such earnest intent, and really, a good message for anyone regardless of faith—or lack thereof. Let your actions reflect your beliefs. It’s a good reminder and needs to come out earlier to catch Jaded readers with short attention spans.

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    1. Jon is new to blogging I’m sure he will get he hang of it. I can’t read my earlier posts I’m to embarrassed. He is a very or friend we met when he was 18 on a work placement in a farm I was in my 20s. We spent our evenings playing a football management game which I used to win despite knowing nothing about football. I got him in to Christian youth work. Now he’s a children’s vicar an I’m an ungodly heathen. Funny how life turns out.

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