I’m splitting up


I have finally decided after a lot of indecision and faffing around to split up. Not with my lovely wife of course but my book. I had sent it away to an author friend of mine who has given me some very useful structural feedback. I have now taken the plunge and split it in to two books. So instead of a book of 90k words I have two book of 60k and 30k both of which need a lot of work to become two finished books of around 90k. It somehow feels I haven’t done as much.

I’m currently working on book two which I have tentatively titled the Ninth Order. Once I’ve got that into a rough draft sate I’m going back to finishing the first one. I have a nagging fear that I will be endlessly redrafting and splitting my book so my kids will publish a twenty-book series posthumously.

It’s not all doom and gloom I’ve had what hope will be great ideas on how I can expand both books all I need is time, plenty of coffee, Jaffa cakes and some luck.


23 thoughts on “I’m splitting up

  1. Why 90k? There is a lot of overstretched stuff out there, With mine I’m coming to a natural end at less than 50k. A publisher most likely wants more but my reality is to self-publish. Good luck with you novels Eric … and good to see you back here. Eric ( we are like buses!)

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    1. Good luck Eric, although I would agree with EDC that you shouldn’t feel obliged to hit 90k. Just write what the story is worth, although it sounds like you’ve got plenty of ideas to hit that target anyway 🙂

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    2. It’s more of a vague target. I agree it’s bad to pad it out just to hit a word count. I think book one will easily make 90k words once I sort all the problems out with it. I’m guessing book two will be about 50 k words but who knows what will happen. Get someone to do a structural edit on your book you may find it needs more. Good luck with it.

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      1. I din’t know what my book needed or indeed if it should be read so I had to put it to the test … the professional critique and advice I received was worth far far more than I paid!

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  2. Hi Eric,
    Yes, you are wise to follow your friends advice. My first manuscript that was completed at least 3 years ago is now going to be split into 3 books. First was released last summer. I’m working on number two now. What I have found, since the original manuscript is being used as a base, taking those parts and enhancing them is not as difficult as the original.
    If you have time, come by my website http://www.chuckjacksonknowme.com read my latest post “Memoir versus Fiction” and give your opinion. I’m looking for all the advice I can receive.
    Good luck on the writing.

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  3. Wise move. and you never know what fruits the split might bring to life. Only The Great and The Good (and commercially successful) are allowed to get away with 100k word + novels (And those of us who really don’t care and shouldn’t be allowed in the company of reasonable folk- my wife’s telling me to stop typing-now!).
    Good luck!

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