Advice from an unpublished author – Do some planning.

I know there is this whole debate about planners and pantsers. I started of somewhere in the middle with a rough chapter guide some notes on characters and few bits and pieces around world building. This approach has got me into a bit of trouble. For example, I was explaining where different room are in […]


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I’m splitting up

I have finally decided after a lot of indecision and faffing around to split up. Not with my lovely wife of course but my book. I had sent it away to an author friend of mine who has given me some very useful structural feedback. I have now taken the plunge and split it in […]

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True Wizard, an update.

I’ve not blogged about my book for a while so thought I would treat you all to an update. I know you have all been on tender hooks worrying about what’s happening. Well at least that’s what I like to pretend. I have sent part one off for a second opinion, I know it’s not […]

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