The way to Write a perfect book


I’m sharing this with you without the need for you to pay me money, give me your e-mail address or take a four-part course.

1. Write a few hundred words happily tapping away knowing that Dickens will be worrying his crown is under threat.

2. Do a quick edit the following day, a little bit disappointed that only 10% of it is spelled correctly, but easily fixed.

3. Read over the passage a few months later to find what you thought was a shoe in for the Booker prize turns out to be illiterate drivel that would make an infant blush with shame if they had written it. Don’t be perturbed simply re-write it this time ensuring it’s worthy of Shakespeare.

4. Keep writing repeating each stage endlessly until you die unpublished.

There it is guaranteed to work by the time you pass on you will have a perfect novel that your family can publish posthumously.


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